Social Interaction Media

Welcome to the Social Interaction Media Module!

The social interaction section of this course teaches users in the government how to best utilize sites designed for social interaction and networking. The chosen sites to be explored by students are LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as these are the most popular and most accessible via government networks. Each site is designed to introduce the students to features such as content sharing, participation in online communities and networks. Information sharing using social sites improves the channels of internal and external communications within the government. LinkedIn is professional networking site used for sharing specialized skills and abilities typically found on a resume. The site can also be used to build personal contacts and join business related communities. Twitter is micro-blogging site where students can share and review users and community updates. The last site reviewed in the social interaction media portion of this course is Facebook. The site is designed for users to share updates, send and retrieve e-mail style messages, upload and share images, video, audio and have the ability to join virtual communities. These sites are to aid government employees in information sharing and guide them through the appropriate uses of each site in the workplace.

To proceed to the desired social interaction media section select one of the following:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin