Creative Media

Welcome to the Creative Media Module!


The creative media portion of this course is designed for users to explore the creative and artistic side of social media. The sites explored in this section focus primarily on viewing and sharing of audio, video and images using social media sites. These sites were selected primarily due to their popularity, ease of use and versatility. All social media sites used in this course include current examples of their use in the government.

The creative media section focuses on the three most popular social and creative web tools, YouTube, Flickr and Podcasts. Each tool focuses on a different aspect of creativity, the first, YouTube, a video sharing website used for viewing, sharing and uploading of videos. The second creative media site, Flickr, focuses on uploading, managing and sharing images and videos. Finally, the last social media tool discussed in this course is Podcasts, used for posting and sending audio broadcasts over the internet that users can download onto their digital media players.

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